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The Art of Accomplishment

D’ARTISTRY started as a LOVE between two mindset, passionate and strong willed ARTISTS.

It is the ACCOMPLISHMENT of hard work, devotion and wonderful CREATIVE IDEAS.

As a well experienced makeup artist and creative mind, CORINA DUMITRIU wanted to add her signature onto her work, by handcrafting BEAUTY, bringing our work to LIFE. CORINA’s signature will be seen on most of the creations, keep an eye on your order, you might be the lucky one to get yours signed by.

It’s all about passion and love for the art, in all her shapes.

Whilst CORINA is the heart of this project, CRISTIAN ALEXANDRU DUMITRIU is the brain that put it all together for their PASSION to be accomplished. Although CRISTIAN’s background is in finance and marketing, this helped put the puzzle pieces together, achieving great business success.

D’ARTISTRY offers multiple designs for each taste, and we aim to fulfill your expectations by giving you the chance to personalise your own product.

The art pieces come in different shapes, colours and scents, so bare with us, while we craft new ideas. Don’t miss out the limited-edition collections, and many other surprises in the future.

On behalf of D’ARTISTRY, CORINA & CRISTIAN would like to thank you for being our loyal customers.

We welcome all your feedbacks, as this will help improve our services we offer you.

You name it and we will make it more personal to you.


Client Testimonials


I was in @harveynichols a week or so ago, and saw someone carrying what looked like a bronze classical head - intrigued I stopped them and asked what it was. It turned out that it was a young woman who has started her own business making resin classical heads that contained scented candles. Firstly, as a classicist I love classical anything, secondly I love scented candles and thirdly, I love small innovative businesses and @d_artistry is now one of my favorites. They have a curated collection made with great passion!! Thinking about my next purchase already and have my eye on the plaster classical head of Heracles 👌 - shop from small businesses whenever you can and support their ambition @scullyps - that person is probably putting a lot of love into their project and you will be part of the reason they succeed! #smallbusiness#passion #candles #classics



Whether you wanna chat with us about a product you’ve purchased or share an idea for a new product or to improve our services and quality, please don’t hesitate to reach us, we look forward to chatting with you.

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